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Got my second card for the round from Fleath; ah yes public transport in Adelaide - remember it well.
Great feel - Morphett Street Bridge?? And on my favourite paper also - missing the darkroom terribly here in BKK.
Yep, Morphett Street Bridge - we'd been at the Worldsend pub just up on Hindley and wandered down. The trams are brilliant for us at the City West UniSA campus, makes it easy to pop down to the central markets for lunch...

We've got a little community of mail-art people going just here in Adelaide with my friends from the art school, so I mailed out an extra dozen to those people too, that's why it came out at 70 for an exchange of around 50 people. Thank you everyone for the kind comments, and I'm sorry if the editioning in the bottom right is a bit weird, it's just a carryover convention from being a printmaker...and I was kinda proud I got 70 prints done.