Stuff, stuff and more stuff! I'm just tired of this stuff, would like different stuff or USD. Haven't given much thought to prices yet.
I got:
Nikon N80 with 28-105/3.5-4.5D IF & hood, f. cap, Sunpak auto 30DX flash.

Canon AE1P w/50/1.8 FD lens.

Samsung P&S w/35-70 Schneider Varioplan lens & case.

Semi-First. 645 folder, guesstimation focus, Shutter NEEDS CLA, Bellows looks good, missing two small pieces of leatherette.

2 each-Vivitar 283's w/auto sensors, VP1 varipower selectors, 1mtr extension cords, Lens adapters, 1set filters, 1-Quantum Battery 1 w/charger, 3 cords w/adapter for 283 & 285, 1 cord for Metz 40MZ-2.

Leica M3 DS early #.

50 DR Summicron, no eyes. good glass.

28mm Elmarit-M w/finder, Excellent, finder not so much

58mm 5.6 Grandagon, in 00 shutter w/flange, has Separation.

3-Technica lens boards, two flat, one recessed.

4-misc 4X4 metal boards.

4-6X6 Deardorff boards, 1-recessed, 3-flat, one flat bd is new & I'm refinishing the recessed board.

I'll provide additional details & pics on specific items. Assume everything works & any mechanical defects are mentioned.

Looking for:
-5X7 holders
-120 Angulon
-Roll film adapter for 4X5. 6X9/6X7.
-Mamiya 7/7ll?
-stuff-more stuff-even more stuff