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Are there certain cameras required for this or will any 4x5/large format do? Also do dry plates get the same 'type' of end result, or is it different altogether?
Most large format cameras will work. There are some issues though.

1. Be prepared for the havoc that dripping chemistry will wreak on your camera (and plate holders, your shoes, etc.)
2. Most modern lenses are a little slow and, for the most part, too sharp. Try getting your hands on an old Petzval or something similar (you won't need a shutter, that's what the lens cap is for)
3. Not all 4x5 plate holders are the standard size, you may need perform surgery on a standard film holder to get something that fits.
4. Some of the recipes call for the use of ether which is highly flammable and is sometimes used for nefarious purposes. Some suppliers may require you to fill out some paperwork that goes to the DEA if you are a US resident.
5. Dry plates have a different look and feel. They're wonderful, but very different.