I got a couple more in the mail today! I'm determined to post a personal comment for every one I get.

Paul's (paul_c5x4) signal box photo. I've never seen a pyro neg up close, nor, I think, a lovely pyro print - I'm quite impressed. I admit I didn't even notice it was a 4x5" neg until I looked closer - ahh those lovely framelines. Very nicely printed and a very good size. And, of course, a great photo. My first card from the UK.
Dave Martin's very well composed street sweeper photo. I like how this is printed too, the wider white border on the left is oddly nice. I like the lines of it all, and the bristles of his broom.
Mike's (mike c) photograph of clamming at sunset. Lovely photo, the more I look at it the more I like it. I like the landmass stretching out in the background, reminds me of the beach I grew up near. The sand's nearly silky.