rhmimac, I found some photo's of my 9x12's and it's similar but not identical to my Orion Werks which also has a Euynar. This is a larger than average Compur shutter for 9x12 cameras and it's a less common lens. It's more prone to flare than a Tessar as it has 4 elements, but none grouped so there are 8 air glass interfaces. compared to the Tessar's 6, but it should be sharper.

You can date the camera further by checking the Compur serial number as it's not possible to get close with the lens serial number. It's on the side next to the IBT setting.

It's not a Welta, the struts for the tailboard are not their style, and I don't think it's a Zeca either. In the 20's & 30's there were many unbranded 9x12's often sold to camera stores or wholesalers who put their own name plates on them, the closest I can see is a Wallace & Heaton Zodel "Regular" in a 1928 advert, they were once London's première photo-store. The Zodel "Regular" has the right struts, side carrying handle fittings and bright line finder but not the same lens or shutter but sometimes stores fitted lenses & shutters after.