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....He told me that their website has no connection to their inventory. This is totally unacceptable in this day and age - even circa 1998 websites were starting to have direct connections to inventory levels, and even when they didn't, most retailers would email or call to let you know something was on backorder within 48 hours of receiving the order...
As an ecommerce business owner I can understand the website inventory problem. I have run into issues where the in house financial system is not compatible with the website. A more difficult problem is when you are manufacturing items since the website does not know much material will be required to make a product and it cant know how much you can make since that depends on what sizes you plan to make. In both cases there is simple work around. Enter high stock numbers in the site, and when you go out of stock just change the out of stock item to zero. Even the free ecommerce websites support that.