Actually at least 75% of that can go and I'd be perfectly okay with it. I'd been looking online and realizing that in order to get those 2 Cokin filters I'd be spending that anyway. I figured I might as well try and get a few other things out of the deal as well.

There are so many mounts listed for both these online that I can't quite tell what I've gotten though. I was hoping they were either K or FD, but I don't think so, and I'm admittedly lousy yet at recognizing anything that's not an M42 mount, which these definitely are not. Looking at the rest of the stuff with it, I'm thinking either Minolta or maybe Nikon? There are flashes for both there with the lot. Could be they came with the lenses, who knows? If it's Minolta, they get sold. The Yashica stuff I also know I have no use for but I'm kind of curious about that small Toko lens, wondering what that is for.