Hi all

I've started several threads in recent weeks in preperation for the wedding of my friends who I photographed last weekend. Several of you asked to see the pics when I had them.

I got the 6x4" proofs back from the lab today and I must say I am delighted with the results. The advice many of you gave, especially regarding the use of fill flash, has really helped me out. I bought the book "Nikon Creative Lighting System - using SB-600, SB800 and SB900 Speedlights" and read it cover to cover just two weeks ago, so I was nervous about using flash with film as I was worried I'd screw it up. Thankfully, not so.

I have attached some as a sample in the zip file HERE for anyone who's interested. It's a 7mb download.

I realise I'm requesting critiques, but being my own worst critic, here are the things I know I've done wrong, before you mention it. If you spot anything in addition, do please let me know, of if you know how I may have avoided the following fitfalls:

Known mistakes

Cropped too tightly in some shots and I forgot to ensure the flash went off in a couple of shots. Due to the rain, the initial shots at the brides house had to be taken indoors, in her lounge, which is not that big. As a result, there are some unavoidable background distractions, which also contributed to some of the cropping. A couple of shots are not dead-on-level either, especially in the church. Also, a few of the shots have their children in the background - ordinarily, I'd have tried to avoid this, but the couple are good friends of mine and their kids are everything to them (they were going to take them honeymoon with them even!) so I know they'll love the inclusion of their kids in the pictures.

Also, the priest refused the use of flash in the church.

How they were done :

Fuji Pro 800Z rated mostly at EI800 due to low, overcast, light.
Fuji Pro 400H rated at EI200
Fuji Acros 100 rated at EI64 with a yellow polyester Lee filter
Almost every shot using TTL rear-sync fill flash using -1 to -1.7.
Nikon F5

These are quick scans of 6"x4" prints - not from the negatives - using a bog-standard flat bed scanner (cost 100 8 years ago). As such, the real prints look about 5 times better than the JPEG's you're seeing. I'm delighted with the quality of the Fuji Pro 800Z and 400H films and I can't wait to show them to my friends when they get back.

Please let me know your thoughts.