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Hi Steve
The original Plotter software was programed by Phil Davis. This was many years ago and worked very well. it worked up until OS 7.5. I used this version on an old Mac until it was replaced with Plotter for windows. A programer approached Phil Davis about doing a windows version - otherwise I would still be using the old Mac version. Phil Davis was a Mac person and used the windows version on his Mac. I'm now a Mac person and would like to see a Mac version. I still use a Dell with XP for the plotter program. The programer added a lot of really good features and it is a much improved version - Phil Davis really liked it.

Sorry but there are not sales to justify the time and expense to do a Mac version.

Fred Newman
Thank you for answering my question even though a moderator deleted the post.

I am getting into Large Format and Penn Camera recommended that I checkout your website.