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The Fe/fe2 is a great choice, I much prefer it's analog meter then the led/lcd meters in other nikon mf cameras. I've bought and sold everything you've listed on ebay, and I must say that you should be able to buy it all for well under $500. An "ebay price" for that list of items would be around $300, $100 for the camera, and $200 for the three lenses.
You are most likely right about eBay prices. But I have bought enough on eBay to know that it's a gamble. In this case I preferred to pay the "dealer-tax" and get one that I know will be OK. It is a 25 year old camera after all.

Even something as "simple" as a light meter can give problem when you can't inspect it beforehand. First Weston meter I bought was completely dead. Seller returned money and let me keep meter. Second one did meter something but not in any meaningful way. Third one (Sekonic) was a charm.