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How about that! It was working fine earlier in the day. I was
going to give it another usefull EV evaluation. IIRC from last
years' check the Master II was "usefull" down to EV 6 or 7.

Now I'll be zinc air battery shopping for my Sekonic L-228.
The mercuries it came with test good but they have how
many years on them, is anyone's guess.

BTW, the Weston speeds were developed in 1932. They
processed the film and, it would seem, created the film speed
system we use today.

There may have been some detail changes but I'm quite sure
ASA speeds and ISO are the same. Or is it were the same.
It has been maybe 30 years since the change to ISO. Dan

Here is a small conversion chart I found on the "Net. I have a Weston Master II Cine' that I use occasionally. It works great, but I did have to make a little conversion table that I laminated and hang on the string (the dials are all marked for Cine' measurements)

If your meter suddenly stopped working, there is a likely fix on the internet. http://www.daniel.mitchell.name/came...westonmtr.html