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Looked recently, and really couldn't find much of a good selection there. And want an outfit all together, so I don't have to mismatch parts. And what brings more joy than dealing with your fellow APUGer?
Look again. Right now they have five SQ-A bodies, an SQ-B, an SQ-Am, and three SQ-Ai's. You can definitely get what you want within your price range.
There's no real advantage to buying an outfit, as Bronica stuff interchanges well. There are a few incompatibilities, like the SQ-A's AE finder wont fit the SQ, and the Ai's crank won't fit the earlier models. But waist level finders, plain prisms, screens, Speed Grip, etc. work fine.

Go to www.tamron.com/bronica/
Go to 'SLR Camera Archives', then 'SQ Guide' for info on different models in the SQ line.

KEH's inventory goes up and down constantly. They often have no GS-1's, yet right now they have six.