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Ian, have you ever used automotive grade valve lapping compound and do you know of its effectiveness, pros, cons?
Yes, I've used fine lapping paste in the past to make a temporary screen, but it's to coarse, it's not really any faster than using #400 grit either. It takes more cleaning off after as well.

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Have you tried doing two at once instead of using a separate grinding piece? As you say, modern glass is very flat so the reason given in 1898 for not doing it shouldn't stand any more...
You can grind 2 smaller screens together, I've done it but it's not as easy to maintain even pressure etc while you're grinding - there's too large a grinding area, also more difficult as it's harder to hold, this is where a smaller 1/4" - 6mm thick piece of glass really comes into it's own, even with larger screens.

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Very good article. Thanks Ian. Now just need to find a silicon carbide supplier.
You might try here they should stock grit, if not they'll certainly tell you who does

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