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In most of the weddings I've shot I've been permitted to use flash before the ceremony, during the signing of the register, and as the bride and groom walk down the aisle after the ceremony.

It's not totally clear to me, but Ted may be saying that flash was not permitted at all in the church.
Hello everybody,
first of all i must admit that pictures are nice. They look very "British" and the rainy day has contributed to this. You have done very well considering the bad weather and i know that the original prints are far better than scannings.
I have been shooting a number of weddings (about 10) plus 25th recurrences.
And the issue with the use of flash (and photography) in the Church must always be considered. Here in Italy (and i guess it applies for all Catholich Churches worldwide) there's a list of rules for photography inside the Church. There some moments that cannot be photographed at all, flash or not.
For the rest of the marriage my advice is to go and talk to the Priest (if possible some days before the event) telling him how we will act during the ceremony and assuring that we will be the noiseless photographers in the world. For me it has always helped. Keep up the good photography.