"Also, the priest refused the use of flash in the church."

I always ask if I can use a flash for the processional including the bride being given away by Dad. 99 times out of 100 I receive permission. How do I do that?

Attending the rehearsal, I make it a point to have a discussion with the presider, suggesting how s(he) can be involved during this emotional scene at the beginning of the ceremony. I make beautiful pictures showing the emotions on the faces of Dad giving his daughter away, the presider helping and the groom anxious to get going with the ceremony. These pictures will be treasured by the bride & groom. An example is the 11th picture on my web site.

When I run into an obstacle to do this by the presider, before I give up, I tell them you won't even notice me as I've been doing this for a while and don't you want them to remember this beautiful time at the beginning of the ceremony in the Church with you welcoming them after dad gives his daughter away?

At any rate, these photos are very much treasured by my clients. After all the day is very special because of the bride & groom.