A bit of very very belated follow up. I hate to leave threads and inquiries like this incomplete. I did end up a while ago sending my P67 equipment to Erik Hendricson at http://pentaxs.com.

What I believe are shipping damages made it a very involved repair, and despite a real mess he got everything working perfectly. He went above and beyond to make things work. I suspect other shops would have given up. I want thank him, big time, publicly, and also to thank the folks who recommended him. I can't imagine any other person doing as well. I recommend him. Top of the list.

I have been wondering how to thank him and pass along the good word on a top shelf guy. It just occurred to me that this is the obvious place.

Thanks to all!!!!!


PS: Contact info from his web site:

Eric Hendrickson
272 Shoffner Rd
Sharps Chapel, TN 37866


Fax/phone 865 278-1051