Last box that was in my freezer. Opened it and shot 10 sheets doing some pinhole work that I've decided not to continue, and as I don't have any 4x5 gear any more, want to trade for some 35mm or 120 film.

Here's the skinny:

Box of 100, dated 02/2003, Emul 6061 4
Cat 143 0198
ISO 320, Estar Thick Base
4x5 Tri-X Pan, TXT 4164

As I said I opened one pack inside and shot about 10 sheets. That leaves 3 sealed packs (75 sheets) plus the 15 or so in the open pack.

I'm looking for an equal value trade in 35mm or 120, preferably 125-400 speed film, mix and match is fine, similarly dated is fine as long as its been keep cool. Let me know if you're interested and what you have. Shipping should be an equal wash, so equal trade all around.