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I thought that at least with one side still coated with less reflection that maybe a GG could be used sans dark cloth in a few more situations than normally ... Your thoughts ?
Quite a few APUG members could tell you that mostly I work without a dark-cloth although it's always in the back pack, that's with 5x4 & 10x8. But the Graflex screen was so dismal and even with the screen hood it was near impossible at times, adding a fresnel made a huge difference but was still not close to my Wista or Cambo. With a freshly ground screen I'm on a par with the Wista at last, it's not the same the Wista has more contrast (I have the integral screen/fresnel) but surprisingly it allows very much finer focussing, and it's easy.

I've been using one here in Turkey, and there's a lot of light today and these screen are a real joy to use, but the weather's been unusually poor during the week (this time of year we expect sun and a perfect blue sky Dawn to Dusk) and even under heavily overcast skies & lowish light levels the screens are so easy to use.

Keep planning on making a simple focus screen shield from offcuts from my bellows making for my Wista, & Quarter plate camera because I find the Crown Graphic focus hood is a great solution. |should be making this in the next few days. If it works I'll post a pattern etc.