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And yet after many years and more money and time than I would ever admit, I daily feel like I am still closer to the beginning of the trail than even nearing the middle.

We all have a kind of unique way of seeing the world and I would hope that for art, we try to please ourselves. I am still searching for my "Style" that which I seek to do that is my unique specialty. </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
The learning of the "technology" never stops. Once learned, it is a lot like riding a bicycle - it never leaves you.

Being closer to the "beginning" than the "middle"? I, for one, have spent the last couple of years trying to do just that - ignore much of the well-meaning advice of *many* critics - and return to the place where I could "see" through the eyes of a child - the "beginning".

A child&#39;s vision is exactly what I want - to "see" a world full of beauty and wonder. An example would come from my youngest daughter - when she was really little, she was fascinated by rocks. Common rocks. She had her room "filled" with rocks that you and I would not even give a second glance. To HER eyes: "Look at this one .. see all the pretty sparkles&#33;", and "This one - look at the prety blue and yellow swirls.."

I think we were all like that, once.. but critical advice from one source or another - changes all that. Not that it is "bad advice" or that the "powers that be" are trying to keep us down in some manner or other - but all critique - judgements - of one kind or another - "Honestly - all those rocks&#33;&#33; They aren&#39;t worth anything - you&#39;ve got to get rid of them." - has as its ultimate end, the destruction of our individual "style".

Whether "good", "bad" or "indifferent" in the eyes of someone else - anyone else - every piece of work we do brings us closer to our "style", whether we work at it or not.

Somene once wrote "You cannot find your Style. Your Style will find you."