Well, I've been away travelling and got home on Friday to find a whole stash of great cards
In no particular order ...

Fleath's night shot: the way Chantal is standing with her back to the camera and looking downwards makes it look like a long wait for the tram.
PaulC5x4: you can't beat the tonality of a contact print and even the Home Guard on the stamp fits the vintage look.
BoxBrownie: looks like time for a beer. I like all the street signs. Does anyone know the significance of the FP sign on the wall?
Avi's Quebec hotel has a good camera angle - how high is that place?
MikeC: I like the way the light changes from left to right across the frame, and the people are caught in the transition from day to night.
Dave Martiny: His posture says it all, and the way one trouser leg is pulled up just makes the shot.
Rachelle: So peaceful - that's just what I needed!
Mick Fagan: Really nice high key print.
Ozphoto: Great timing. The drops in the air, the coffee running down the side of the cup, I love it too!

Thanks all.
My cards will be going out in the next week.

Pete H.