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Thanks all you guys. Here is what I have come back with. I tried agian yesterday... I scanned the negative and inverted using PS.

I know this is no where near to perfect, however, here is for you to view and comment it. I think, there is still some light leak or some issues in the picture.

This looks very mottled and I suspect part of that could be the result of a light leak through the camera material or exposing through the wrong side of the paper as mentioned earlier. But, it appears to me that the development is also very uneven and I suspect that much of the mottling is coming from poor development technique. How long was your development? Also, it looks like there is a development line meandering through the image from not immersing it in developer quick enough. Be sure to give the image full development with constant agitation.

Is the paper you are using outdated? That could be another factor in the overall grayness/fog and mottled appearence.