after a lot of experimenting with different materials and looks, I have finally found a combination of presentation elements that work well for me, which I like to think of as "sympathetic" to the photograph. I mount my photographs on 2 ply mat board, and mat using 4 ply board of the same color as the mount board. I let 1/4" of the mount show at the top and sides, and 1/2" at the bottom where I title and sign the photograph. This float mounting provides a slight bit of reveal without the need for double matting. I give 3" borders for smaller prints, and 4" borders for larger ones. Square prints are matted and framed square; rectangular ones done rectangularly. I use a fairly bright white mat and mount board for neutral and cool toned pictures, and a slightly warmer color for sepia toned and lith prints. I construct my own frames from wood frame rails that are about 1 1/4" wide. Frames used on neutral/cool toned prints and white mats have a black stain, and those used with sepia toned or lith prints have a very dark brown finish. The frame colors are hard to tell apart unless held side by side, but I think they complement the picture and mat well.