So far I've received cards from the following:
Dave Martiny: A great shot, very expressive. Makes me wonder what this man was thinking about at the time.
mooseontheloose: I love seeing Japan (a place I've never visited) through your camera (or the statue's!).
Mick Fagan: I too find the grain of the film (or is it the texture of the skin?), and the overall shot intriguing.
BoxBrownie: A very well printed shot, one that really makes you feel like you're there.

My own postcards are generally printed borderless, though I inevitably end up trimming 1-2 mm off some of them. As for the photo: the building itself is fairly tall, especially (I would imagine) by late 19th century standards. In addition, its imposing stature is compounded by the fact that it's perched on the edge of a cliff, though that's not reflected in my photo...