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Interesting post. Would you mind indicating how "large" (quantity, print size etc.) your jobs tend to be?

Sure. I would usually deliver between four and eight framed prints, between 5x4 and 20x24 in size. Unfortunately, selling anything much bigger than a 12x16, framed to roughly 18x22 is hard. It boils down to the restrained taste of customers... It just isn't that fashionable in my market to have very large prints of the family. In the US I hear of 16x20 being considered very modest, but to clients here it is huge.

My pricing is structured so that small prints still return well (very important in the UK!). I had always printed in the darkroom, but I'm cutting back a bit and doing some digital printing, with platinum prints the newest, most luxurious product. I also do the framing myself. The frames are typically made from Cherry or Wenge, with museum grade glass, mountboard etc - so the emphasis is on having a few photographs, but printed and framed to the very highest standards.