I blew a load of film this morning. I had too many distractions on my mind, I probably should have waited. I set up the tanks, chemistry as I have done in the past, loaded the film carrier, 6-4x5 sheets, I use HP Combi tanks. I then started with pre soak, 2 minutes, then placed the carrier into the developer or so I thought. I had a lapse, thinking about other matters, and what really happened was I never put the carrier into the developer.

The film actually stayed in the pre soak for 2 minutes plus the 15 minutes (N+1). The film then went into the developer for 15 seconds (thinking it was the stop bath). Then into the stop (thinking it was the fixer). When I realized the film was actually still in the stop bath tank, I put it into the fixer for the normal time.

Suffice it to say the negatives only saw 15 seconds in the developer and are unusable.

However, what surprised my was that some of the negatives actually had a Zone I density! I could see outlines of some of the subject! The film was in plain water for about 17 minutes total, and developer for 15 seconds and fixer for 8 minutes.

So then, can water actually have a developing effect? Maybe so. Any thoughts?