Splitting hairs? I was stating that their source of revenue is not just print sales. I doubt they'd be in the business of Lodima Press, selling archival products, and investing in the photo paper business unless they thought it would pay off and be a source of additional income.

But it doesn't matter. I'm very sorry for the digression, I should have tried better to address the OP.

I have been advised many times to not quit my day job, and I sincerely hope that is not a reflection on the quality of my work :rolleyes:
The problem we're up against in establishing credibility in the collectors' market is that it takes time. The Polaroid collection was just auctioned up, as part of their bankruptcy settlement, at Sotheby's. An Ansel Adams mural sold for $750k (including Sotheby's cut). Did Adams' himself ever see such 'appreciation' for his work in his own lifetime? No.

I really think it's difficult to support a life and a family being a landscape photographer. I think it will even be amazingly difficult to break even.
But I've also met photographers that take their own pictures, print them, frame them in cheezy frames, and sell them at local markets for say $100 for a 20x24. And they are there, year after year with a big pile of cash in their pocket.

Can it be done? It is being done. I mentioned Alec Soth and Michael Kenna. They are doing it. Why not you?

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I'm not privy to anyone's financial information other than my own, but M&P state pretty clearly on their web site that they support themselves from the sale of their prints. They spend a good chunk of time visiting curators and collectors.

Lodima Press may run at a profit (again, no way for me to know), but it's doubtful that M&P have even begun to recoup the investment they made in Lodima Fine Art paper.

In any case, I think that Picker was largely correct when he said that "the business of fine art photography" really doesn't exist. When fewer than a dozen people are making a good living at something, it hardly qualifies as a viable business model.