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It would be great if a landscape photographer could make a living just shooting and selling prints. First off, you'll have to do promoting like other APUGers suggest to build your reputation. Once you have a reputation, you'll probably have to teach via workshops, a faculty position at a university or at a college. Other sources of income are stock sales and commercial work. I went to a talk by Michael Kenna and was inspired by his work. I saw some of his work at the Wirtz gallery in San Francisco and saw his 8x10 prints for sale at $600 each. Minus the gallery commission, he'll probably get get $300 at best. He also does commercial jobs. Here's Mr. Kenna's site.


Stephen Wirtz site: http://www.wirtzgallery.com/main.html

Good luck!
If you look at the info at his site about commercial work you find that the majority of that was doing work for car manufacturers. That is what funded his personal work that most of us know him for.