Here's a project I started quite a while ago and have just started playing with again. The camera is 5.5"x14" format constructed from 1/4" bamboo plywood and is designed to use the collection of odd 11x14 paper that I have collected over the years. I just got a Lenox Laser pinhole for the camera so figured I'd press it into service.

Attached is a picture of the camera and the first image from the camera.

The camera is still in rough form. I have to add tripod sockets, a shutter, clips to hold the back on, and finish both inside and out. I may also install some sort of handle so the camera is easier to carry. For this image I used a little gaffers tape to hold the back on and for the shutter.

The image is from a paper negative created on Ilford MGIV RC paper. I used a yellow filter taped to the inside of the camera to help keep the sky for blowing out. I then contact printed the image onto some Ilforbrom Galerie grade 3 paper that was given to me. Keep in mind that this is a test image and that I only made one exposure. I was fairly lucky with my metering and calulations. The negative was a little underexposed due to the fact I forgot to compensate for the yellow filter.

All in all I'm pretty excited, and will try and more post pictures as things progress.