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thinking about what can be done next year!

Seems to me that's up to Bill since it's really his gig.

Well, mostly yes and partly no. I messaged with Bill quite a bit about what I was doing, recieved advice, was given boundaries, etc. This wasn't done against Bill's wishes. Heck, I look up to Bill, artisticly, professionally, and personally.

In the *VERY BEST* case scenario, from my point of view, I'd hope that my fledgling organizing experience would be put to use so Bill can focus more on what Bill wants to focus on as far as Photostock proper is concerned. There's a lot to do to organize even a small event like RogueStock which really road the coat tails of Photostock. I would like to expand on the skills and experience I gained and help out at least behind the scenes to facilitate a smoothe running gathering.

The "partly no" comes into play for the *VERY WORST* case scenario that Bill doesn't want the gig anymore. I have no reason presently to believe this is the case. If the very worst case scenario does play out, I'd like to get further out in front it and do a better job next year than I did this year.

A lot of this is putting the cart before the horse. Over the next couple weeks I'd like to process my experience, figure out what I did well and where I fell short. I'm going to outline/plan what I can do for next year with concrete ideas. Once I have a more refined assesment of what I think I can handle (and still have fun) as well as time commitments I'd be willing to make, then I'll approach Bill and see what, if anything, lines up with his vision of the event. I sincerely hope there'd be room for me to help shoulder some the pressures of running this event so we all can have a kick ass time in Northern Michigan next June.

That's the much longer, expanded version of "thinking about what can be done next year!"