Hi everyone, your postcards have been hitting my mailbox like its christmas already - they made me very happy!

So far, I've received cards from:

Rachelle (mooseontheloose): Perfect postcard. I instantly knew it was from you because I had read somewhere else about your move to Japan. Such a beautifully composed picture, the little photographer looks so calm and happy!
Alex (Fleath): beautiful street scene from the other side of the world (and yet so familiar..) with interesting symmetry/assymetry. The waiting girl on the left (no movement) versus the cars on the right: great composition!
Mick Fagan: a high key portrait with an unusual angle and a beautiful print which I like very much. But say, does your postman hate you? Like last round, your card arrived with warmarks far worse than all the others... ;-)
Dave Martiny: wow, great street scene, well composed, well printed! I especially like how the light reflects off his head and that you can see so many details in this shot.
Avi: Like a photo from 50 years ago, excellent! Beautiful warm print on matte paper which made me think instantly about my grandparent's photos. I like how you composed it, too: it looks like the castle of an evil king!
Steve Brown: A piece of England and a beautiful print. Many details to look at, and always good to see a picture of such a holy place :-)

Thanks to everyone for their cards, and sorry to Roger for having to fix dinner because of my card!

Greetings from Vienna,