I enlarge all my negatives. Fomapan 9x12 film can be bought from Fomafoto who advertise here on APUG, great service & prices. I'd suggest you try and find a lens hood that fits the lens, I can't remember what the size is. My Eurynar has less contrast than a slightly older Tessar on my Patent Etui and the old rules about shooting with the sun behind your shoulders are needed, the Eurynar will flare.

About 3 years ago I started listing all the 9x12 camera's of this type that I came across noting what lenses etc came with them, but since then I bought 3 British Journal Photographic Almanacs, 1928, 35, & 39 and they are full of adverts etc, images of the camera's. I just happen to yse these books for reference almost daily