In 2008, I bought a second hand Nikon F5 from one of the retailers of Back then, in 2008, it cost me 359.

I figured that with the continuing advance of digitals (the D3, D3s to name but a few), film cameras like the F5 would continue to decline in price (I realise the F6 is still sold as new by Nikon so I wouldn't expect it's price to drop). I was hoping so as I'd like to buy another F5 - I love mine so much and would like to have a second. Having had a look at again today, in June 2010, two years after I bought my first F5, I find them to be more or less the same price though. I realise two years is not a massive time lapse, and we've had a global recession etc, but still - I'd have expected an F5 to be the lower end of 300 at least by now.

Should us film shooters take this as a good sign I wonder? It suggests to me that in the last two years, the demand for film cameras like the F5 has not declined, or is it just that the F5 is famed for being so good that it is holding its price? Is that fair, and have others found this to be the case, or not?