I've been reading the Garage Sale thread, and thought I'd relate something that happened to me last week. One of my friends, learning that I still shoot film and don't own a digital SLR, said "I have a film camera I don't use anymore. I'll give it to you." Last Thursday he brought it over: a Nikon N8008s with a 50mm f/1.4, manual, and about five rolls of 36 frame Kodak print film (expired, of course). I took one look at it and told him it was quite a good camera and he should sell it on Ebay, but he said he wasn't interested in the hassle. Oh, and he couldn't find the "big flash" but he'd keep looking for it.

It was stored in a small camera bag that kept it clean. The batteries (AA's) had leaked, so I need to do some work there, but a quick initial cleanup and a fresh set of AA's and it perked right up. I rewound the roll in it and sent the film to him. A cursory inspection leads me to believe he's only run a handful of rolls through it; his main camera was an F3, I think.

So here I am, a life-long Minolta user with my first Nikon and one lens. Oh, and the aperture ring is backwards. (grin) But the point of this ramble is that just being a "Film Maverick" can lead to some interesting situations.

One more thought related to the "nice camera" thread - I took one of my XD-11's to a Renaissance Faire over Memorial Day weekend, and had several people make positive comments on it, including a vendor who pulled out an even older rangefinder.