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This thread is a very interesting one to read, and savor. Thanks to everyone who's shared. There are pro's in here sharing things amateurs are sharing and vice versa. As for the OP and his query, I am dead set on figuring a way to make landscape a profitable endeavor for the same reasons as others shared, it is my favorite thing. But in the mean time I have noticed squeals of delight from people as they viewed some of my portrait work. I haven't been very excited about portrait work, but after getting those reactions I have found myself thinking over and over again that that must be the ticket to financial independence from "the day job". I had some fun doing the portrait work but yeah my real heart felt feelings are on landscape. Can't change that, but maybe what I could do (hoping this will work) is get portraiture to pay the bills, allowing me to spend a decent amount of time doing landscape.
Your thinking is good. Just consider what the general public ever use photographers for. The answer is potraiture, weddings and a little pet photography and maybe some property shots. All other uses of photographers are generally for commercial purposes and it is commercial where the steady income stream will come from.
Business to business is generally far more profitable, and especially if you can get big clients as they will be happy $1000 plus on a days shooting whereas the public won't. You just got to work your nuts off to get the clients.