On the topic of translations, I found this paper by Cajal, a Spanish researcher in the field of Lippmann's. The cool thing is that this text is copy & paste-able, so it could be quite easily translated automatically, and it's in Spanish which would probably be one of the easier languages to translate(?).


Thanks to Ray and Lionel for their translation. We're boldly going where no other man has gone before, at least, if you only speak English!

Also, does anyone edit wikipedia? I think that we could probably do a lot to the current page on Lippmann Plates, adding links that we've found and just generally making it a more comprehensive paper. Just a thought. My brother does a lot of wikipedia stuff, so I might have him show me the ropes, I believe it's pretty easy.

Now if only some more of us could follow R Shaffer's example and actually put rubber to the road!