Thanks for the comments all.
I managed to get one just now at this old school complex near downtown austin. its in the process of drying so Ill post it later on. but its a much better exposed shot than the first two. I filled out the wood so that it wouldnt show through in the paper neg anymore and its almost perfect.... such a wide angle view as well. really kind of like it.

The exposure on that first shot was 35mins. I took it at about 5pm last night so given the sun was going down and it was already overcast I just let it sit there for a long while. in retrospect I probably could have managed a 1hr exposure and had better detail in the apartment siding etc.

it was fun to actually create a camera with my own two hands. great sense of accomplishment when I actually get a discernable image from it.

Ill definetaly be creating more of these. VERY fun.