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It's easy, get a sponsor to support your artist lifestyle. Or get a part time job to minimally live and eat then live the life of a starving artist.

In the United States there is little hope for anyone below the poverty line and in this country it takes a good amount of money just to live, food, shelter, medical, dental, insurances if you have a car, which is needed due to the vast areas landscape photographers need to travel to, and money for gasoline and emergencies and repairs. You can't have any large debts or any distractions that would interfere with your round the clock work.

It would require that you are supported completely, by yourself or another, and have all of your time free to do your art without interference to your artist intent. It's a tough bill but realistically that's what it is all about.

"Millions must plough and forge and dig in order that a few thousand may write and paint and study." H.G. Von Treitschke
I think Ed Weston did something similar with Charis Wilson during the 30s.