I got my cards into the mail today, so they should start arriving on this continent next week. I had more international (not US or Canada) than ever before. Kinda cool to be sending cards, and recieving them, to and from so many corners of the globe.

cards recieved since Rachelle's:

Paul C's Weybourne Station - Lovely light and composition. Extra special for bringing back memories from our vacation and time spent on the Poppy Line. A favorite of my husband.
Mick's "Looking Up" - interesting perspective and light
Fleath's night shot - very atmospheric
Dave Martiny's Street Sweeper - mood conveyed very well
Avi's Chateau Frontenac - I must have seen this imposing building when I was in Quebec city on a school trip, but all I remember is being harrangued by Rene Leveque for being Anglo.
Mike's clam diggers - love that low evening light
Box Brownie's pub - didn't have to look at the back to know this was in England.
And today's arrival - Gurkenprinz's Fort Agra - wonderful light reflected off the floor

Thanks everyone for cards so far - looking forward to many more lurking among the bills and junk mail.