Mustafa, I actually see two questions intermingled in your thread:

- What were the cut-off points of the filters used to create the two images on the two parallel running films?

- What was the exact dye composition of the dyes used in this two color process?

I am slightly afraid there will not be a hard answer to these, as you yourself already wrote:

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The composite is an approximation of the original colors. Technicolor had a lot of latitude in their system. They could alter the tone and density of the dyes used to make the prints, along with adjusting the contrast and brightness of each record. We assume we've come fairly close to showing the original image.
I think both the used filters, and dyes, will have been experimented with quite a lot, and maybe even changed upon need.

Of course, some record of used equipment and dyes might help to get in the ballpark for replicating the process and colors, but in the end, I think you will just have to give it a try and see what works best. Maybe you could consider contacting George Eastman House, as the original video I posted here on APUG and that spurred your interest in all this, came from there. They may have some records on this.