I recently got an adams retouching machine. Does anyone have experience with one of these? i was hoping to perhaps use it with my 8x10 B&W negs (cos i have lots of negs that have minor imperfections that could do with some touch ups). When i turn it on, the lamp goes on fine and there is a switch that turns the 'stroke' on or off and a dial for 'stroke intensity'. When i turn on 'stroke' into the on position i can hear the machine humming and the 'stroke intensity' increases the hum when turned up but i cant see any moving parts. Basically i'm not sure how to use it. It was very cheap so i thought i'd get it. I know veronica cass has a video for $80 or so for explaining how to use it. Is that something i should get? Is there a manual that anyone knows of?

BTW: when i spoke to veronica cass staff on the phone about a month ago they said they were going out of business. shame, their products are first rate.