Oh My Goodness! How am I supposed to pick a winner from the wonderful entries for this assignment? From Sly's adorable sleeping child, to PhotoBob's whimsical sunglassed face, they are all winners in their own way. Lanline's entries qualify not only as faces, but as sensitive portraits of interesting subjects. mike c's "Allen" is a technically and emotionally beautiful study of a character filled face. nsouto gives us fresh faced beauties and a mysterious, creative interpretation of the subject with Rock Face. zoopolis's Labyrinth Face is both poignant and haunting. Bertus' young girl is s lovely illustration of childhood innocence. But since I must choose only one, I am going to go with Medicine Man by alan951. This highly unusual portrayal of a "face" is both a dramatic and arresting image as well as a great print technically. So congratulations to all for submitting such great photos and alan951, prepare to sit in the hot seat next September! For July/August, I believe that honor goes to: mike c. Take it away mike!