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Ted, the F5 was, according to some, the last great Nikon SLR. Their next offering certainly created a lot of buzz but not as much enthusiasm from F5 users as one might expect, for various reasons. I recall being at B&H and inquiring about prices of various models, about a year or so after the F6 came out, and the prices for the F5 were still very high and actually went up after the F6 was introduced.
If you read Nikon's website, they basically acknowledge that the F6 is in some ways a step backward in absolute performance from the F5. They admit that the F5 was the peak of heavy-duty high framerate-autofocus professional 35mm camera design, and that since digital was breaking into the sports/action arena, they designed F6 as a more refined camera, making it lighter and quieter especially, because they figured anyone in the future using film was going to be using it for special aesthetic reasons and would appreciate the weight and handling of the F6 over the F5.