Yep, I've got yet another 3063 drum to sell. You know, the one that fits one 20x24 sheet, two 12x20's, six 8x10's, etc., etc.

Like all the others I've sold, this one is in "used but not abused" condition, i.e., lots of scuffs, but no cracks or chips. Guaranteed watertight. The cog is in good shape, too.

$200 + shipping. Insured USPS Parcel Post (domestic) will only be $17. Priority Mail will cost you $55, and only gain you a couple of days. Seems unreasonable, since the one I sold the other day went Priority International to Canada for only $30.

That one took about 1 3/4 hrs to sell. Let's see how long this one lasts. Is there really so much demand for these? Maybe Jobo should make some more

Oh, yeah...Paypal OK.