I purchased an F1 back in the late 80's (the last of the F1 versions that can be distinguished from earlier versions by the location of the self-timer. The older versions had a mechanical lever on the camera face, to the left of the lense as you face the front of the camera.) I paid +/- 1000 USD just for the body. I travelled a lot oversees and spent more time worrying about my 1000 dollar camera than I did about taking photos. I was a fantastic camera, no doubt about it. But I sold it several years later and bought 2 used A1 bodies and a 200mm 2.8 FD lense with the money. You can get A1 bodies that are not as old as the F1's that you're looking for. They use newer alkaline batteries that are commonly available, has aperature and shutter priority + programme mode. The A1 is a greatly underappreciated camera. I still have 3, the oldest going on 20 years and have never had a minutes problem. The Motor Drive MA for the A1 can be found at reasonable prices.