Hey Andrew. Just what AU needs - get tired of *not* being able to purchase the film I want and wait for weeks, then finding that the price quoted has increased due to changes in exchange rate.

Guess best thing would be to have a variety of film, chemicals, paper etc available and charge a fair postage price for anything we order. I hate websites that happily charge me $50 for one roll of film or 10 - sorry but that is outright gouging.

I am extremely partial to Agfa chemicals and the new ADOX replacement paper to Agfa's MCC & MCP range. I also love using Fomapan in my 620 folder and would love access to ADOX' range of film also. At present I'm using 35mm and 120, and offering in larger sizes will make many APUGers that are into large format very, very happy, I'm sure.

Guess you'll get a great deal of feedback very soon from all AU and NZ members soon (maybe even OS??) and you'll be able to gauge what stock you'll need to supply accordingly.

Good luck!