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I buy different films all the time, so no point listing any products. However I would say that for online purchases price is the main factor. Before you commit too much to your venture I'd suggest you make sure you can be competitive with sellers such as 'cheap shots' on ebay Australia, and Freestyle.
Essentially the thing that kills is the postage, especially from the USA. US based companies can sell the products at fantastic prices and offer a great range but the USPS and other shipping companies seem to charge through the roof

Prices will be competitive with those sellers. Keeping in mind that eBay/paypal takes a significant chunk of profit, i think the stand alone online store model is one that will be beneficial to my customers.

I plan to stock a good range of LF film as i know there is a good market out there and it is the hardest stuff to get.

I will also be offering services such as film processing and printing and having a gallery to showcase product results and customer images.