I'll back up what Fleath has said about being an Aussie equivalent of ag-photographic. Obviously, I think you need to stock the staples at competitive prices - I.E., Ilford, Kodak, Fuji, but be flexible enough to stock the more specialty and niche films.

It would also be cool if you could fill the gaps that was once RA-4 processing. The only chems available now are the tetenal kits. Yes, I know, papers are harder to get and find as well, so it would also be cool if you could actually offer a cut sheet service? (I know, a long shot, but I am just putting it out there. Heck, I haven't even yet started doing RA-4!!!)

Just as a side note, it appears that Kodak may start disappearing off of general photo retailers shelves (for those that still sell film...). I went into one of the bigger retailers in Adelaide and was shocked/suprised that they had no Kodak Colour film in stock at all. Appears that Kodak want them to hold too much stock, which they cannot turn around. Simple answer for them is to no longer stock Kodak films.grrrrrrr