David ,

I am a member of KONVAS list , which relates to use russian optics and the cameras. I saw many lenses but I did not see a better lens than LOMO Anamorphic Square Front lenses. These are old and heavy equipment made for Soviet State sponsored films. So the cranes , lights , trucks and assistants were available and the money and the film plus processing at MOSFILM.

Well , times changed and people started to write threads on new Canon DSLRs and their wide sensor , big ram and the HD mode.
Rich cinema people rushed to camera and the lomo to canon mount hardwares and the result was unsatisfactory.
Than BBC announced any dslr would not qualify for their broadcast standarts and bubble burst.
I think any serious cameraman who has no money to Red cameras would need to wait least 5 years to get a canon for serious shot.
If you want to see the example shots with 15000 dollar russian anamorphics and the canon , you will have to register to konvas list , very friendly , kind environment.
As you know , may be 10 years ago Canon was using Sony ccds and colors were muted and dusty but ok.
Than canon started to produce their own ccds optimised for the worst lenses I have ever used and hated , and the skin colors become flat sodium yellow , like a milk butter.
So you have to buy a Sony Z series camera with a excellent Zeiss lenses and the difference is Goerz Dagor to Lomo toy plastic lenses. It is 4000 or 7000 dollar , I am not remembering.
Go to vimeo and find irina shatalova and her white sea video , She is from Moscow Russian State Cinema School VGIK and she performs excellent.
And if you want to see the same grade canon HD professional camera with fluoride lenses and look at her rock group video.
If you have a eye , you will understand the difference or if you are not blind.

Best ,

Mustafa Umut Sarac