Hey Bruce, I live right in downtown Halifax so if you're looking for a pint and a bit of local photo talk, let me know. If you have any specific questions about the city, I can probably answer those too. It's been wild around here the last couple of weeks with the Queen, Naval Centennial including Fleet Week (damn those aircraft carriers are huge!), festivals and all sorts of gatherings. I really enjoy Halifax in the summer. The winter, uhhh, well, I don't mind fog :-)

Looks like others have weighed in on their experiences with the province. Mine have been quite positive, I did choose to move here after all, and I enjoy my time photographing here. The distances here are quite short compared to when I was living out west :-)

Enjoy your trip, I think you'll like it here. Also, the provincial tourism folks have a nice website: http://www.novascotia.com