It'd be a good time to evaluate your market, I doubt you'll be getting orders from America and the UK, because all of this stuff is readily available to them at good prices. By the time the northern hemisphere ships it to us and we ship it back to them, any price-competitiveness is probably gone. Japan has Japan Exposures, UK has...well, loads of options, and same with the US. You'll get orders from Australia and New Zealand though - which means you need to evaluate how big your market is there and how much they'll buy. How many ULF shooters are there here in Australia and New Zealand?
If you sell Fuji/Ilford/Kodak on a reasonable enough scale, I'd say you're obliged to become an official licensed reseller for them through their distribution channels in Australia, but that would be further down the line. I imagine this is gonna require quite a large lump sum investment in one blow to get it off the ground though.